International Science and Technology Partnerships


International partnerships focused on science, technology, and innovation can provide Canada with an opportunity to advance the state of knowledge in areas of national importance, help address global challenges, and contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Canadian companies could also benefit from global partnerships to access new and emerging markets.

While there are numerous opportunities for international collaborations, Canada has finite resources to support them. Partnerships need to be evaluated on strengths in areas such as science, technology, and innovation, but consideration also needs to be given to political and economic factors.

This assessment will examine best practices and identify key elements of a rigorous, data-enabled approach to selecting international science, technology, and innovation (STI) partners.

The sponsor:

Global Affairs Canada

The question:

In a post-COVID world, how can Canadian public, private and academic organizations evaluate and prioritize STI partnership opportunities with foreign countries to achieve key national objectives, using indicators supported by objective data where possible?