Peggy Van de Plassche

Peggy Van de Plassche

Managing Partner, Roar Growth

May 25, 2022

Peggy Van de Plassche is Managing Partner of Roar Growth, an advisory services firm catering to boards and c-suite top wealth managers.

As a public speaker, senior advisor and content creator, Peggy supports her clients grow their Assets Under Management (AUM). Her clients include leaders in the space, such as, BMO WM, Nicola Wealth, and Power Financial.

She has spent 20 years in the financial services and technology industries, as a business advisor, senior executive, institutional investor, corporate director, and entrepreneur. Prior to starting her own firm, Peggy led innovation for CIBC, managed a European family office, started two fintech companies, and allocated several billions of capital on behalf of CGI and BMO.

She is also a board member at Invest in Canada, Impak Finance, FrontFundr, and Hackergal.

She is an active angel investor with a portfolio of more than a dozen companies in the FinTech space, giving her great visibility on the digital transformation happening in the industry. Peggy has a strong online presence and a dedicated following, with publications on Medium, Substack, Linkedin, and YouTube. She is the author of The Private Market Whisperer, a newsletter for startup investors and founders with thousands of subscribers.

Role: Panel member
Report: International Science and Technology Partnerships