Dawn Davies (Working Group Chair)

Dawn Davies (Working Group Chair)

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa; Palliative Care Physician, Roger Neilson House/Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, ON)

April 27, 2017

Dawn practiced as a registered nurse before graduating from McMaster University medical school (1993). She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Alberta (1997). Following a one-year McEachern Fellowship (Canadian Cancer Society, 1999), she returned to the University of Alberta, where she served as Medical Director of the Pediatric Palliative Care Program until 2018.

Dawn received her MA (Health Care Ethics and Law) from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom in 2011. She is current Chair of the Bioethics Committee, Canadian Paediatric Society. She has recently undertaken two surveys of Canadian pediatric clinicians to better understand their attitudes about the issue of MAID for minors, and historic requests of parents/minors for MAID. She is Co-Chair of the Alberta Health Services expert panel on the issue of MAID for mature minors.

Role: Panel Member (Working Group Chair)
Report: Medical Assistance in Dying (December 2018)