Christine Hall

Christine Hall, FRCPC

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia; Emergency Room Physician, Vancouver Island Health Authority (Victoria, BC)

October 15, 2013

Dr. Christine Hall is an emergency medicine specialist, with an FRCP qualification in Emergency Medicine (2001, University of Calgary). She is a full-time emergency medicine physician and a trauma team leader at the Vancouver Island Health Authority in Victoria, BC. In her eleventh year of practice, she is also a clinical teacher and researcher. In the Dept. of Emergency Medicine at the University of Calgary, Dr. Hall served as the Division Chief of Research and Program Director for the FRCP Program in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Hall completed her master’s degree in clinical epidemiology at the University of Calgary in 2003. She is an Associate Professor at UBC and an Assistant Professor of Research, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary. Her recent research activities include sudden in-custody death, geriatric surgical outcomes and knee surgery recurrence rates, with recent publications in those areas.

Dr. Hall has served as a police advisor and clinical expert in excited delirium/sudden in-custody death in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. Dr. Hall holds research grants from the Canadian Police Research Centre of Canada and the National Institute of Justice in the U.S. for a prospective, multicenter, international study of sudden in-custody death and police use of force. She has co-authored several national reports, including the topics of Excited Delirium and Vascular Neck Restraint (Canadian Police Research Centre), the excited delirium policy/procedures for the BC Provincial Ambulance Service, and recent manuscripts (2012) regarding prone positioning and also Excited Delirium in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, plus an editorial regarding Taser® use in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (2009). Dr. Hall has been contracted by the Force Science Research Institute, University of Minnesota at Mankato, to teach sudden in-custody death content. Dr. Hall has testified for many coroner’s inquests in Canada, including the Braidwood Inquiry.

Role: Panel Member
Report: The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons (October 2013)