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CCA to undertake new report on state of science and technology in Canada

The past few years have seen transformational advances in technology as well as a global pandemic, both of which brought major changes to the ways that people live and work. It has become more important than ever to consider how these disruptive events have changed the research, innovation, and industrial landscape, which is why CCA has been asked to provide an updated assessment on the state of science and technology (S&T) and industrial research and development (R&D) in Canada.

Since 2006, CCA has been documenting Canada’s S&T and R&D strengths and weaknesses in a series of reports that bring together data and expert analysis to inform critical conversations about Canada’s future. Our most recent report on the topic, Competing in a Global Innovation Economy (2018), found that while Canada is a highly innovative country with a robust research base and thriving communities of technology start-ups, significant barriers—such as a lack of managerial skills, the experience needed to scale-up companies, and foreign acquisition of high-tech firms—often stifle innovation and growth. The result is a deficit of technology-intensive companies scaling up in Canada, and a loss of associated economic and social benefits.

A new assessment will identify emerging trends and developments in the Canadian S&T and innovation ecosystem, the extent to which barriers and knowledge gaps continue to impede innovation, and potential opportunities for Canada.

A diverse, multidisciplinary expert panel drawn from academia, the private sector, and the research community will be appointed in the coming months, with an anticipated report release in 2026.

Sponsor: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Competing in a Global Innovation Economy: The Current State of R&D in Canada (2018)
In 2018, we detailed the latest data and evidence on Canada’s R&D performance, examining the foundations of innovation—including Canada’s track record in fundamental research, applied research and development, business-led R&D—and the relationship of these research efforts to wealth creation and prosperity through innovation.

The State of Industrial R&D in Canada (2013)
Our 2013 report examined areas of Canada’s industrial R&D strength and regional distribution. The report also examined the alignment of IR&D strengths with Canada’s areas of excellence in S&T research and economic performance, and barriers and gaps that limit the translation of these strengths into innovation and wealth creation.

The State of Science and Technology in Canada (2012)
Our 2012 report updated and expanded on the 2006 report, identifying Canada’s S&T strengths, regional specializations, and emerging research areas, and providing a thorough analysis of the scientific disciplines and technological applications where Canada excels globally.

The State of Science and Technology in Canada (2006)
In 2006 we examined the state of S&T in Canada for the first time, including the building blocks of Canada’s S&T system and areas of strength and weakness.